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Download Counter Strike v1.6 Maps,Bots and Hacks for better gaming experience !

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Hello Everyone,

I'm sure most of you guys have played Counter Strike v1.6 at some point of your gaming experience ! So,if you have forgotten that game then this is the time to bring it to life again because i have more than 1000+ Maps and Bots as well !

Download Counter Strike v1.6 Maps,Bots and Hacks for better gaming experience !

What are Bots ?

Bots are something that can make your gaming experience more fun as they are something like cheats ! For ex.Some bots will help you to look through walls and some Bots help you to shoot your opponents head off at one shot !!

Info :

File size : 170 MB
File Extension : .rar (Zipped Archive)
Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ccog1yc5yh3p5x/Counter Strike 1.6 Maps.rar
Password : hackmeout.blogspot.com

Feel free to comment and subscribe ! If you have any doubts contact me ! I'll get to you as soon as possible !

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Adib said...
August 16, 2011 at 2:07 AM  

can u please make a wall hack and aim bot for the counter strike by iahgames? its a singapore server...plz plz plz make me one!! there are no hacks for this version of cso on the net...but some japanese hackes program hacks themselves and use it in the game...btw this cso uses a anti-cheat program called hack shield pro developed by a korean company called ahn lab. plzzzzz help me out...as u know bd's net is slow plus if they use hack it become imposible for me to win!

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