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Upload and Scan your file for malwares/viruses with almost all Anti-Virus Softwares at once

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It is very important in today's computing world to scan your files/suspicious files for malwares.Sometimes our Anti-Virus may not be able to capture all the threats which other Anti Viruses can but it is practically impossible to install all the Anti-Viruses in our System and scan the files one by one with all the Anti Viruses.

Therefore to overcome this problem I'll give you a few sites which will do this hard task for you in minutes.

What is an Anti Virus ?

The name tell you all,"Anti"-"Virus" is a software which detects and warns your computer from getting infected with Keylogger,RATs,Stealers,Downloaders and other trojans etc.So that you can remove all these harmful files with a click of a button and you don't have to worry over the whole PCs security.

So now the question may arise why you have to scan will all the Anti-Viruses.

Why to scan with all Anti Viruses ?

The reason is simple ! What if your current Anti Virus doesn't detect a type of malware which the other Anti Virus does ? So in such a situation there is a need to scan with all the Anti-Viruses.

How do i scan a file with all Anti Viruses ?

Here are a list of few sites which will help you perform this function.The numbering of the sites is done according to my personal experience.

1.Virustotal.com - Very easy to use and usually gives you quick results very fast scanning engine with very less Service load.Scans your file with 40+ Anti-Virus scanners so your bound to get your virus in one AV or the other.


2.NoVirusThanks.org - Easy to use but it has quite a lot of service load usually but does the job.Has a special function of limiting your file between you and the Uploader ( Does not distribute the file to AV companies).Scans file with 20+ AVs


3.Jotti.org - Again,Easy to use but does the job a little slowly but scans with a good and appreciable speed.Scans with 15+ AVs


So after your file is scanned with all the Anti Viruses now you can be sure that your SUSPICIOUS file is not infected and safe to be used !

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