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Unable to Change / Reset Yahoo Password

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I recently experienced this problem.I was just trying to reset my password for security reason but i found that i won't get passed the "Captcha" whatever i do.I finally found an alternate method.One of the visitor of this site complained about this problem.His problem was quite complex.

RestoreIt! : Restore and Recover your Deleted Data from Recycle Bin

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Hello Everyone,

Here is yet another interesting post.This tool was helpful for me because i deleted an Important file by mistake from my PC and luckily i came across this wonderful tool which set me right back on track.Yes,I'm not joking ! This really works 100%,I can guarantee you that.

RestoreIt!:Restore and Recover your Deleted Data from Recycle Bin

Upload and Scan your file for malwares/viruses with almost all Anti-Virus Softwares at once

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It is very important in today's computing world to scan your files/suspicious files for malwares.Sometimes our Anti-Virus may not be able to capture all the threats which other Anti Viruses can but it is practically impossible to install all the Anti-Viruses in our System and scan the files one by one with all the Anti Viruses.

Therefore to overcome this problem I'll give you a few sites which will do this hard task for you in minutes.

541's Firewall Tamper:Enable/Disable Firewall and Source for VB.NET

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Recently i was just checking out Nathan's VB.NET Source Pack and i came across this ! Well i certainly tried it and it works with great results.The best part of this is that I'm giving all you guys the open source so you can fiddle around with it !

What is "msfeedssync.exe" ? How to fix and cure "msfeedssync.exe" application error

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I recently had the same problem with my PC where a dialogue box occasionally pops out and gives the following error : 'msfeedssync.exe application error' followed by "the instruction at ox77d4bbcd" referenced memory at "0x00000048" the memory could not be read, click ok to terminate or cancel to debug

What is

Crypo.com : Free Online tool to Encrypt and Decrypt Unknown hashes

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One more interesting tool which i found on the internet.This is a site where you can decrypt and encrypt the secret data of your friends or anything else for that matter.Before we go into the detail let us see what a "Hash" is.

Crypo.com : Free Online tool to Encrypt and Decrypt Unknown hashes

541's Re-Enabler:Fix Disabled TaskManager,Command Prompt,Registry,Firewall,System Restore!

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Hello there,this my my 3rd product already and i hope you guys just stick on to me because I'm going to give out many more! So recently i came across that many of you guys are infected by Viruses and End Up having your Windows with Disabled TaskManager,CMD....and what not.So i made a simple tool to enable all this in a Giffy!

Easy way to Block Unwanted Websites without Any Software

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Guys,I know I'm posting after a long time but the fact is that I'm learning VB.NET....So I'm finding it difficult to get away from programming.Recently,I had come across this while i was programming one of my softwares.Like the title says "Block Unwanted Websites without Any Software" you really can do it !

Seed Torrents faster | Download dead torrents faster

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How many of you have had this problem ? I get frustrated when i see the same download speed nearly for 2 days.So today i have an good method and a working one of course, because I checked it myself and seemed to be working right.