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Recover Your Microsoft Office 2010 Key

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ProduKey is a small utility which helps recover the original product ID and CD key of MS Office 2010/ Office 2007 and Office 2003. This software is very useful if you lost your original MS office 2010 CD or serial number and you want to reinstall it on your computer.

What is Produkey ?

With ProduKey, you can find the Microsoft Office serial number of your current operating system or remote computer using command line options.

Download CEH v6 eBook - Free Courseware

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What is CEH?

The Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) is a professional certification provided by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council.)

An Ethical Hacker is one name given to a Penetration Tester. An ethical hacker is usually employed by an organization who trusts him or her to attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems, using the same methods as a hacker, for the purpose of finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities.

Download Varalakshmi Vratham | Sri Suktham Audio

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Hi guys,I know this is totally out off topic but I want upload this as a tribute to my grandfather.He is a very good and talented person with a lot of interests and one of them being Telugu Literature.In this post I'll be providing 2 of hist recording which will help you to person "Varalakshmi Vratham" and "Sri Suktum" in Telugu.These recordings give you a full detailed description of the pooja and how to perform it along side.Even though the quality of sound is not perfect it still audible.This is also a valid pooja for Telugu Lakshmi Pooja

Security Alert: Hack Facebook Password Recovery

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This is a very good technique that can be used to restore and retrieve any Facebook account as long you have at least smallest of a clue of the person whom you want to hack.If not,I'll provide you a few sties which will help you find out more about him and quite easily answer his recovery settings.Even though this method has only 50%-50% chances of recovering a password.It is at least worth a try.If not we have to go to other alternative options of Facebook Hacking available to those badass hackers.


CyberGate Tutorial and Free Download

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In this article I'll be showing you how to install and setup a software called "Cybergate".This is a very effective Children Monitoring software.These genre of Programs are commonly called "RATs (Remote Administration Tools)".With this tool,it is possible to keep a complete watch on your child and his activities on the computer .But you have to make sure you install a file called "server.exe" some how or the other.The details I'll be providing here.

This is probably the best way to keep track of your loved ones. Especially your children's Internet activity.

Premium Link Generator Search Engine

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So how many times have you wanted to download your favorite movie and also luckily manage to find it and end up without a premium account !I know it has happened tons of times to everyone.Ofcourse it happened to me serveral times,so then your pursuit of a premium account starts and it usually never ends! That's why we go for Rapidleech Servers! So that we can get premium link downloads for free! The site which I'm going to showcase today is a blog which is created recently and is updated with the most fresh fresh servers! So all you have to do it just go to this blog whenever you want to download a premium link.Find a site and then use it to get a premium download link for free !

Boost your Internet Speed by 20%

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Face it.  Internet can be laggy and it’s true that Windows Can slow down your internet.  But lets reverse it.I tried this method and it did help me by at least 20% to be frank.This trick doesn't speed up or boost your internet speed from nowhere,we are not hacking anything to get free internet :p This is just a windows trick which I'm sure will work on Windows XP,Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Encrypt PHP Source Code Online for Free!

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I was working on basic PHP and before i finished it I made sure it's safe and no one can copy it just with the click of the button! I searched many sites but i could only find sites where they are giving away free softwares but this one is the best tool i have seen so far.Its simple and easy.Just 3 Magic Steps.

5 Rapidleech Servers for Megaupload,Rapidshare,Fileserve etc.

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I found a few amazing rapidleech sites while searching and to my surprise all of them are working! I don't know how long they will so before they ra out of fuel you better catch them :p Right now,I have 5 Rapidleech servers and I'll tell them all here.I'm getting more and more so I'll keep updating you about more rapidleech servers.If they top working just leave a comment.I'll post some more working ones !

BtGuard Works or a Scam ?

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Let me start off by saying that I'm very sorry that i didn't post for a long time.It was due to my personal reasons and exams which forced me to prolong to blog.Let me start by saying that don't get the wrong idea, I'll tell you up front I think that BTGuard is a scam. However, it is important you know why. Even though theoretically a service which blocked the ISP from seeing the identity of the person who downloads something could be a reality, that's just not the way things work in our society. Realistically, the fact that the ISP is even sending you the data in the first place, completely negates even the remote possibility of being able to mask your identity. Not only does your ISP have your address and phone number, they also have you name, your bank account and credit card information, your credit history - and depending on who your ISP is, even your Social Security number! They have your friends, your family, your email address - truth is, there is no way to escape it.

Ardamax Keylogger | Free Keystroke Logger

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No doubt this is the most viable and flexible key logger on the internet and almost each and everyone knows that.So it was up to me to check how exactly this key logger is good and what are its main drawbacks.As a programmer i was curious to know why this keylogger is very famous.As you all know you know that i coded my keylogger called 541's Keylogger v7.0 which is again a free keylogger.Without wasting much time let me start off with the very basics.

Directory & File List Generator | Make Neat AIOs !

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Today's Computing Tools and Warez are all about AIOs (All In One) which makes it much easier for the downloader and as well as the uploader.In the good old days,the uploaders were forced to upload one by one each at a time.And therefore they came up with an amazing Idea of putting all the Applications in Just 1 File.Recently I was creating an AIO for my system files and I just wanted to make a not of all the files and folders in the folder.So,then i came up with this brilliant idea of a program which automatically generates and "Lists the Whole Directory" along with the files.

How to Check SQL Injection in your site in 3 Steps ?

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I'm learning SQL injection (SQLi) indepth so I'll try teaching you guys a little of that as well.SQLi is the most popular attack on any website these days.There has been an enormous increase in SQL programmers and websites,and the biggest problem with SQL is "Either your perfect/hacked".Due to poor coding programmers often leave vulnerabilities in their site and hackers its our job to inform them and patch them up.So lets see
how to check if a site if vulnerable to SQLi

Free MD5 Decrypter | Online MD5 Decryption

Hi guys,i started writing this article because yesterday i was trying to crack the "Hash" for an admin password,the site which was vulnerable was obviously taken down by me and now,thanks to me they have fixed that problem.So one of the biggest difficulties while your hacking is "Cracking" a hash.While Cracking a hash is difficult,It is better to compare your has with a few existing decrypted hashes.In this article,I'll give you some such sites which does the job neatly.

How to Hack Facebook Password in 5 Ways

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This is one of the most popular questions which I'm asked via my email.And today I'm going to solve this problem one it for all.Even though i have already written a few ways of hacking a facebook password.Looks like i got to tidy up the the stuff here.The first thing i want to tell is.You can not hack or crack a facebook password by a click of a button.That's totally impossible and if you find such tools on the internet then please don't waste your time by looking at them! They are all fake.Ok now let me tell you how to hack a facebook account.

Free Premium Link Generator | Rapidshare | Megaupload | Hotfile and more

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I know how irritating it is to wait for nearly 13 minutes for just a 10 MB file.And the only option you have is to buy a premium account from that site or you a have to find a "Free Premium Cookie" for that site.Well,Premium Cookies are tough to get and most of them would have expired.But Premium Link generators are even better.You can download a file for free !

Write for Hackmeout

All you have to do is post an article along with your name and blog.Once your article is approved.I'll post it on this blog and you'll also get a free "Permanent backlink" to your site on that specific article.

The better your article is.The more number of visitors you get to your site.You can post place an Ad banner.For more on that Read: http://hackmeout.blogspot.com/2011/03/place-ads-for-free-on-hackmeout.html

What you get ?

1.Permanent Backlink on Artcile
2.Ability to place an Ad for a Month
3.Greater Targeted Visitors to your Blog

Contact Me

My Email ID is "contact.hackmeout[at]yahoo.com" feel free to contact me on anything !

How to use Rapidshare | Hotfile | Fileserve Premium Cookie ?

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Most of the time you must have seen on my forums : Hackmeout [HMO] that members post what are called as "download free premium account cookies" rather than the account details.Before we get into how to use these premium cookies let us first have a look on what "Cookies" are ? ( Don't misunderstand them for cookies as in food..lol). What exactly do you mean by ?

Rapidshare Premium Cookie
Hotfile Premium Cookie
Fileserve Premium Cookie
Megaupload Premium Cookie
Filesonic Premium Cookie