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Directory & File List Generator | Make Neat AIOs !

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Today's Computing Tools and Warez are all about AIOs (All In One) which makes it much easier for the downloader and as well as the uploader.In the good old days,the uploaders were forced to upload one by one each at a time.And therefore they came up with an amazing Idea of putting all the Applications in Just 1 File.Recently I was creating an AIO for my system files and I just wanted to make a not of all the files and folders in the folder.So,then i came up with this brilliant idea of a program which automatically generates and "Lists the Whole Directory" along with the files.

How to Check SQL Injection in your site in 3 Steps ?

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I'm learning SQL injection (SQLi) indepth so I'll try teaching you guys a little of that as well.SQLi is the most popular attack on any website these days.There has been an enormous increase in SQL programmers and websites,and the biggest problem with SQL is "Either your perfect/hacked".Due to poor coding programmers often leave vulnerabilities in their site and hackers its our job to inform them and patch them up.So lets see
how to check if a site if vulnerable to SQLi

Free MD5 Decrypter | Online MD5 Decryption

Hi guys,i started writing this article because yesterday i was trying to crack the "Hash" for an admin password,the site which was vulnerable was obviously taken down by me and now,thanks to me they have fixed that problem.So one of the biggest difficulties while your hacking is "Cracking" a hash.While Cracking a hash is difficult,It is better to compare your has with a few existing decrypted hashes.In this article,I'll give you some such sites which does the job neatly.