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Boost your Internet Speed by 20%

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Face it.  Internet can be laggy and it’s true that Windows Can slow down your internet.  But lets reverse it.I tried this method and it did help me by at least 20% to be frank.This trick doesn't speed up or boost your internet speed from nowhere,we are not hacking anything to get free internet :p This is just a windows trick which I'm sure will work on Windows XP,Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Encrypt PHP Source Code Online for Free!

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I was working on basic PHP and before i finished it I made sure it's safe and no one can copy it just with the click of the button! I searched many sites but i could only find sites where they are giving away free softwares but this one is the best tool i have seen so far.Its simple and easy.Just 3 Magic Steps.

5 Rapidleech Servers for Megaupload,Rapidshare,Fileserve etc.

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I found a few amazing rapidleech sites while searching and to my surprise all of them are working! I don't know how long they will so before they ra out of fuel you better catch them :p Right now,I have 5 Rapidleech servers and I'll tell them all here.I'm getting more and more so I'll keep updating you about more rapidleech servers.If they top working just leave a comment.I'll post some more working ones !

BtGuard Works or a Scam ?

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Let me start off by saying that I'm very sorry that i didn't post for a long time.It was due to my personal reasons and exams which forced me to prolong to blog.Let me start by saying that don't get the wrong idea, I'll tell you up front I think that BTGuard is a scam. However, it is important you know why. Even though theoretically a service which blocked the ISP from seeing the identity of the person who downloads something could be a reality, that's just not the way things work in our society. Realistically, the fact that the ISP is even sending you the data in the first place, completely negates even the remote possibility of being able to mask your identity. Not only does your ISP have your address and phone number, they also have you name, your bank account and credit card information, your credit history - and depending on who your ISP is, even your Social Security number! They have your friends, your family, your email address - truth is, there is no way to escape it.