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Online Torrent to Direct Link Converter

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Many a times, the ports required by the torrent clients are blocked.Which is why, converting a torrent file and downloading it through a direct link can always be a handy tool. Moreover, you could always use these services to speed up the processing of downloading the file due to the lack of seeders.I hope this article is of certain help to users who have either slow torrent speeds or if torrent connections are blocked (you can gladly well use this to bypass the problem). In this post, I'll give you a list of good Online FREE services that help you do the same.

Get IMDB Ratings for Huge Movie Lists

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How many times have you wondered which movie to watch from a collection of 100s of Movie lists that are simply sitting in your College LAN or your friend's hard disk? I stumbled across this amazing tool quite recently and it tool does exactly that. All you have to do is, input your movie list. It automatically gets the movie name, IMDB URL, rating, awards,cast,description. And you elegantly sort them out too according to the rating!

Use same Email Address for Creating Multiple Website Accounts

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Well, to be honest, I didn't really know what exactly to write in the title of the post perhaps "How to use same Email Account for Account verification" or "Create Fake Emails for Account Verfication" would have been more appropriate. A simple way to put it.Suppose I have my email account "blahblah@gmail.com" and I have already used this for creating a lets say, a Facebook account,now if I wanted to create another Facebook account, I clearly cannot use the same email address.But wait.. what if I told you that you can actually create another! Basically, with this trick you don't have to create multiple email accounts just for creating accounts at various websites (ie. if your email has already been used for another account on some website). Which means, you can actually not just have 2 or more Facebook accounts with the same email address.

How to Bypass Adf.ly Linkbucks Links Online

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Adf.ly is one of the most popularly used URL shortening services which also happens to be a very handy tool for monetizing from the point of view of a web master. If you spot valuable content being given away to viewers freely, then you are bound to spot an adf.ly , adfoc.us link etc.With this tool, you don't have to download any software or a plugin for your webrowser.You can just enter the adf.ly URL and it will give you the original URL that is sitting behind the adf.ly link!