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What and How to Port Scan? - Beginner's verison.

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In this article I hope to impart basic amount of knowledge on port scanning.It is commonly used term while browsing through Hacking related articles. Though, you could always wiki for help. I believe this would be of more use.

Port Scanning

Port scanning is the procedure of hunting for energetic or opened up ports in sufferer system. Similar to a burglar looking for entrance opened up residence. Consider this scanning

A Sample Check ...

Target Host: www.yourcompany.com or IP Address

TCP Port:7 (reflect).
TCP Port:9 (dispose of).
TCP Port:13 (daytime).
TCP Port:19 (chargen).
TCP Port:21 (ftp).
TCP Port:23 (telnet).
TCP Port:25 (smtp).
TCP Port:37 (time).
TCP Port:53 (domain name).
TCP Port:79 (finger).
TCP Port:80 (www).
TCP Port:110 (pop).
TCP Port:111 (sunrpc).

It reveals the energetic ports because domain name or ip address.

Usage of Port Scanning

We could acquire their information without their expertise.(The point is that you could burglary their information).

Checking for open ports is performed in 2 methods.

Check a solitary IP address for open ports:

It much like a burglar that looking for any kind of opened up entrance in solitary property.
In regard to scanning, eviction is port as well as residence is IP address.
We are looking for the energetic port in a solitary IP address.

hunting for energetic ports just at 123. xx.xx.xx.

Check an array of IP address to discover open ports:

Checking an array of IP address resembles burglar that hunting for any kind of opened up entrance in a road. In connection with scanning, eviction is ports as well as road is array of ip address.

looking energetic ports just at.
123.20. xx.xx to 123.30. xx.xx.

I hope this article helped you get an idea of the technique of port scanning.

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